Jacquelyn Joann Cheun


Tyler Scott Jensen

Wedding Party

Jon Cheun


Jon Boy is the youngest of Jacquie's siblings, but that hasn't inhibited Jacquie and Jon from being thick as thieves together. He is the first to throw a party, go out for a drink, or plan a trip because if you're not having fun everyday, you're not doing it right. And since he is often the life of the party and one of the best people to have around for a good time, we can't think of anyone better to be our Officiant.

Maria Atkinson

Maid of Honor

Maria is the cousin of the bride. She loves to dance! She lives with her husband and 3 sons in South Carolina.

Sonny Licata

Best Man

For the past 10 years, Sonny has been the go-to for Ty. Whether that be for help in difficult times, knocking skulls together during fraternity days, pondering societal questions at 1am, or just someone to share a beer with. He is the life of the party when times are good and the rock to lean on when work is to be done. And because of that, he is the Chairman of Ty's rowdy groomsmen.

Aimee' Cheun


Aimee' is the sister of the bride. Aimee' enjoys the beach, her two doggies, and lives in Southern California.

Andrew Minott


Ty considers Andrew a brother, not a friend, and it's easy to see why. Easily one of the best men to go to for advise and a shot of high-proof rum, Andrew's quick wit and thoughtfulness has been one of Ty's best assets since they met. Always Mr. Daper with a sharp look and an excellent entrance move for any club (just ask for a demonstration...), Andrew is Mr. Reliable to his many friends.

Celine Ziobro Harris


Celine has known the bride since 8th grade. They have been together through thick and thin. They have traveled everywhere for each other at a moments notice. She lives in Washington with her husband.

Matt Adams


Although originally from Alaska, Matt has the charater of a southern gentleman. He also has the appetite for whiskey as a southern gentleman. Ty has known Matt for more than a decade and have found him to be Impaccable in his beliefs and love for those he cares about. Matt will lend a helping hand just as easily as drink you under the table without a moments notice.

Ashley Altum


Ashley met the bride at a Junior League event. She is an incredible business owner. She lives in Dallas with her two kids and a teddy bear that happens to be a dog. She loves a great night out and riding horses.

Christian Valiente


Christian has an excellent understanding of a good cigar, but don't let his cigar and scruffy beard misdirect you; he is a soft teddy bear of a man who is always looking for a reason to smile and have a good time. Ty has had fun poking at the bear for a long time and he has always been quick to forgive. I may call him El Cubano, but it should Oso de Peluche or the Teddy Bear.

Angel Durr, PhD


Angel went to graduate school with the bride and served on Graduate Student Council with her. Angel has her doctorate in Information Science, started her own non-profit, and loves to dance! She lives in Dallas with her daughter.

Jordan Christensen


If Ty had a narrator for the voice of reason, it would probably be Jordan. Highly focused, accomplished, and always fun to have around, Jordan is The Law and will be the first to let you know when you're messing up. Doesn't mean he won't have a drink with you and let you go down that path if you're determined to do something stupid! At least you know bail is taken care of.

Stacy Mitchell


Stacy has known the bride since attending the University of Nevada, Reno. Now they are reunited in Reno, enjoying many weekends together with their significant others.

Nick Lape


Nick suffered greatly being Ty's college roommate...just ask and he is always happy to share a story or two. Thankfully, he is incredibly forgiving but also calculating, so Ty is constantly prepared for payback that is well deserved. Passion for nerdom is just one of the many ties that bond Ty and Nick. But many of his skills are far beyond Ty's reach, and if you meet him I am sure he will blow you away too. He is, afterall, a Mathemagician.

Alexandra (Alex) Bush


Alex met the bride during graduate school, studying sociology. They have shared many nights studying theory and enjoying the Denton nightlife. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and two kids.

Jason Stubrich


If you ever hear a negative or mean-spirited word come from Jason, you better record it because no one will believe it happened. Jason has to be one of the nicest guys Ty has ever met, always smiling, helpful, and hopeful. He'll give you the shirt off his back without question if you ask and is by definition Mr. Magnanimous.

Camia (CJ) Mata


CJ was a co-worker of the bride at the hospital. Their friendship grew over the long night-shifts in the ER. CJ lives in Texas with her husband and two kids.

Cameron Belt


Cameron is probably one of the best people to have a drink with and just talk, doesn't matter the subject. If you want to talk whiskey, data, sports, or maybe just looking for the next best thing, Cameron is the trump card of any group. Just like the Ace of Spades, Cameron is probably the best dressed in the group and elevates everyone around him. His Einsteinian IQ doesn't hurt matters either.

Britanny Balthaser


Britanny is also a cousin of the bride. She is the resident foodie who studies at the Cordon Bleu. She lives in Alaska with her husband and two kids.

Kevin Jay


Known as the Comeback Kid, Kevin and Ty nearly had a relationship that only lasted a few weeks. But as fate should have it, they still laugh at each other's folly, celebrate the other's successes, and use each other as a sanity check in a world where many elevators don't go to the top floor. On the topic of (in)sanity, Kevin also happens to be one of the best people to ride bicycles with in a whiteout solely for excellent beer.