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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in our hotel costs?

The room fee per night is $365 for June 6-June 9. For guests who wish to arrive

early or leave after these dates, we will have a discounted rate.

Your room fee includes all-inclusive service to the hotel and its sister resorts for

each guest in your room. This includes all food, all premium alcohol, taxes,

gratuity, free transportation between resorts, and discounted excursion options

reserved through the concierge.

2. What other fees should we expect?

Guests will need to reserve transportation to and from the airport, we have

reserved a company to manage all transportation for our guests at a discount.

Only additional fees will be for excursions, golfing, or having fun in and around

Cabo San Lucas!

This information is detailed on our wedding website, and all reservations can be

made using the link provided.

3. Do I have to stay at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica?

Yes! We have reserved the entire resort to ensure that only our guests will be on

property for the entirety of the event, so we want everyone staying together. It is

one of the nicest resorts in Cabo San Lucas so you’ll be missing out if you don’t

stay at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica.

4. How many people can stay in one room?

Two adults, unless you are one of the few family guests who will be bringing kids.

5. What if I want to bring my kids?

The hotel is 18+. Kids may stay at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica only during our buyout

time (June 6-June 9). If you are staying prior to or after this date, you will stay at

Pueblo Bonito Sunset (a sister resort). You will still get the discounted rate of

$365 per room.

Please still book your room with us and we will arrange the lodging at Sunset for

you and your family.

6. What if I am unsure if I can make it or have other schedule conflicts?

We know the wedding is in 2021, but please fill out a survey so we can hold a

room for you. When we send out the invitations in 2020, we will also confirm with

our guests the dates they wish to arrive and leave. That will be a good time to let

us know if you can make it so we don’t leave you off of our list.

7. What if I make a deposit and can’t make it to the wedding?

We will work with all of our guests to make sure everyone can make it to Cabo

San Lucas, but in the event that unforeseeable circumstances happen, we will

return your deposit to you.

8. What if I want to invite my friends or family to your wedding too?

If you think we missed your family member or friend who would love to join us,

please let us know so we can send them an invite too. We are looking to have as

many family and friends attend as possible, and have options if the resort

reaches capacity.

9. I still have questions.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

a. jtjensen2021@gmail.com

b. 775-846-3212